About Our Organization

Behavioral Health Services of South Georgia is a public nonprofit organization operated by the South Georgia Community Service Board. Community Service Boards are legal entities created by House Bill 100 in July, 1994, to govern Public Mental Health, Intellectual Disability, and Substance Abuse Services. These services were previously provided by the Department of Human Resources, Division of Mental Health. Public funding for the Community Service Boards is provided by the state through a system of regional funding and planning authorities. These funding authorities are called Regional Boards and the public funding for Behavioral Health Services is through a contractual relationship with the Region 4 Regional Board. Behavioral Health Services of South Georgia is licensed by the State of Georgia and complies with the state standards.

Mission Statement

To lead our community in providing excellent treatment, service and education in the areas of behavioral health and developmental disabilities, fostering meaningful opportunities for mind and body wellness.


To be the leading provider of comprehensive and quality behavioral health and developmental disabilities services for All people.

"How do I access services"

Cook Clinic   229.896.4559

Lowndes Clinic   229.671.6170

Tift Clinic   229.391.2300

Crisis 24/7    800.715.4225

Developmental Disabilities
Application for DD Services
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"...Since transferring from BHS Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (PSR) to their Peer Support Program I became determined to 'Get My Life Back'....."

"...I guess you could say I owe my new life to Project Light, Narcotics Anonymous, and BHS with God's grace..."